Appleton Christian School offers a challenging academic program that focuses on the skills necessary for success in school at all levels. Reading and custom writing are a primary focus and, along with thinking and study skills, have enabled our middle school graduates to enter high school fully equipped to do the work required in ninth grade, many qualifying for advanced English because of their ability to express themselves clearly through the written word.

Because math is also a skill necessary for success, we focus on preparing students to understand the why of the process they are using as well as the process itself. Attention to detail, showing all work, and following directions are a direct by product of Math classes. Students adept in Math will be encouraged to move ahead so they are able to complete Algebra in our eighth grade Math class.

For many years our commitment has been to treat each ACS student “fairly”. Our definition of “fair” is to give each child what he or she needs. This takes into account the many ways students learn differently, from having dyslexia to numerous other diagnoses.

We do work closely with parents as we seek to give every child the opportunity to become a successful learner and provide extra academic challenge as needed.