After an initial inquiry about attending Appleton Christian School, we welcome parents to visit the school during a regularly scheduled day so you are able to see the classroom in action as well as to experience the “feel” of the school. Personally meeting the faculty, staff, and administration allows you to interact with each in order to have all of your questions answered as completely as possible. We believe this is your most complete interview! We also encourage having your child(ren) spend a whole or partial day with us to complete the process. An additional step in the process would be to communicate with current families who will get in touch with you at your request.

If you are interested in enrolling and it is summer, we will do our best to give you what we do during the school year by providing the information you need and, if possible, having a teacher here for you to meet.

Helping to make the transition to a new school as student-and-parent-friendly as possible means that we make every effort to have our current students and parents reach out to the new student(s) and families. This is especially critical on that all-important first day of school when the new student is able to walk into a classroom and know some of the students. Our goal is to help your child(ren) feel as at home as possible at ACS as soon as possible!