Middle School (grades 5-8)

“Shurley Grammar is great! You can ask anyone in my class, and they will tell you that before Shurley Grammar, we just didn’t get it. But now it makes sense. I could go on and on, such as math advancement opportunities, help for students who struggle academically — you get the picture!” ~ ACS 8th Grader

Middle School is not just the years between elementary and high school. It is not an older version of elementary school, nor is it mini-high school.

Middle School is a time of transition, maturing, striving for independence, and searching for safe boundaries. It is movement toward accepting more responsibility, understanding of oneself and the world that God has created. It is the time when faith must become real and not just an assumption of the parent’s faith.

  • It is a life-changing time.
  • It is a challenging time.
  • Values learned at home must stand the test of friends’ and teachers’ values.
  • Self-concept is enhanced according to scripture or it is torn down according to societal norms.

Where do you want your middle-schooler to spend these critically important years? More than likely, you desire for them to be under the influence of those who share your family’s beliefs and core values.

MS Courses

  • Bible
  • English: Grammar, Composition, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading/Literature
  • Study & Thinking Skills
  • Math: General Math (5-7), Pre-Algebra (7,8), Algebra (8)
  • Social Studies: US History & Geography (5), Ancient Cultures (6), Middle Ages – World History (7), American Republic (8)
  • Science: General Science (5, 6), Life Science (7), Physical Science (8)
  • Junior Achievement (5-8)
  • Speech (5-6)
  • Keyboarding/Computer
  • Physical Education
  • Electives: Drama, Choir, Art, Worship Team, Yearbook, Spanish