Truly CHRIST-Centered

Appleton Christian School has been training children to be learners and discerners of Truth since 1987. On a daily basis, our exceptional staff of qualified teachers helps every boy and girl grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  A real Christian education is truly a Christ-centered education. You will find that at Appleton Christian School.


APPLETON CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian school that integrates biblical principles throughout its curriculum. Founded in 1987, ACS has grown to become a diverse Pre-K through 8th grade learning community centered on the Truth of God’s Word, located in the heart of the Fox Valley in Kimberly, Wisconsin.  ACS families enjoy a low student – teacher ratio, a parent-friendly faculty, and a positive environment that takes into account the unique qualities of each student that helps foster spiritual, academic, and social growth.

Our excellent staff of teachers brings experience that guides a personalized education for each child. We teach and love each child as a unique creation of God. Appleton Christian School desires close communication and involvement with parents in all aspects of the education and socialization process.

“A goal I have for graduates of ACS is that they have a strong personal relationship with Christ and bring that to the world around them. We do that through a variety of purposeful activities – such as all 8th graders studying Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Bible class which applies God’s Word to real-life middle school students’ situations, mentoring of all the girls and boys in middle school with regard to their respective issues, and our Tribes program which teaches students how to respect the diversity around them — all in a context of God’s Truth.” ~ Patricia Tofte, Administrator