Winter Weather & School Closings

  • If the Appleton Area Public Schools close school due to weather, we will automatically be closed. ACS will call this closing in to the local television stations and the Christian and local radio stations. These closings are directly related to unsafe road or weather conditions.
  • Since we have students from many school districts that occasionally do close when Appleton chooses not to, ACS may choose to close even though the Appleton schools remain open. Always watch or listen for our name to appear in the scroll at the bottom of the screen or on the stations. It is a rare occasion when we close and the Appleton schools remain open, but it has happened, so be sure to listen and watch for our name to appear. If ACS does not appear in the listings, we will be open!
  • Do not call the school. Your first and best information will come from watching television and/or listening to the radio.
  • If the weather deteriorates during the school day and you think we might have to close early, do not call the school. Once again listen to the radio and/or watch television. If everyone tries to call the school it hinders our making and receiving the important calls that need to be made with bus companies and the radio/television station. Some parents may be at work and do not always have access to the radio or television and they will be calling us. Since we may have to call some parents, having the phone lines available is very important.
  • Obviously, if we close in the morning, there will be no Before Care. Please be sure you have alternative daycare in the case of such an event. After Care will operate if the school is closed during the day, but we would ask that you pick up your child as soon as possible so all staff is able to go home in daylight hours.
  • Thank you for making it a priority to keep well-informed about our policies and procedures and for keeping alert to the weather this time of year.